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Our Mission

Our theory is simple. Poverty leads to a lack of HOPE and a lack of OPPORTUNITY. And our MISSION is to provide OPPORTUNITY and build HOPE. Read more…

David Duke

our Mission is to provide Opportunity and build Hope.

David Duke CEO & Founder

The mission of Street Soccer Scotland derives from our vision, which we hope is shared by every human being in Scotland- to see poverty eradicated.

From the 1 in 5 children who live in poverty, going to bed at night (if they have one) hungry to isolated pensioners who are cold and alone to the young people who leave school with no opportunity, we believe, as one of the wealthiest nations in the world it is unacceptable to see fellow humans roaming the streets at night with no place to call home.

According to Shelter Scotland in 2015/16 there were 28,266 homeless people in Scotland with 34,662 homeless applications made.
Street Soccer Scotland's mission is provide opportunity and build hope, because without hope change is impossible.
Speaking from personal experience, CEO and Founder David Duke states "The effects of poverty are brutal and devastate communities. Living in this environment means people are faced with a lack of opportunity, which leads to a lack of hope. When someone has no hope it becomes dangerous. I have experienced this and can only describe it as being locked in a cold and dark room with no doors. Waking up everyday with a feeling of hopelessness can lead to poor mental health, addiction, crime and in some cases death.
That is why we are totally inclusive, respectful and understanding while offering opportunity to anyone who needs it. We do not impose a time limit or any other expectations, only reassurance that we are here to inspire people to be all they can be."
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