Latest update from Founder and CEO, David Duke

Dear Friends,

The past days have been unprecedented and the world has been evolving on a daily basis, changing how we live, how we work and how we view what is important.

In this difficult time, and being ever the optimist, I believe that good will come from the pain we are all feeling right now. During any crisis, we develop new skills, new ways of looking at the world we live in and appreciate the things in life we maybe took for granted. The light is brighter after darkness and I hope everyone can keep safe and hopeful for life after coronavirus.

Here at Street Soccer Scotland, our team have been working hard to adjust to new working patterns, applying the use of technology and trying to deliver the best possible service for our players whilst working under tight restrictions.

From the day our regular street soccer programmes had to stop, we have ensured that our key focus across our work for this period and the weeks that lie ahead is Well-Being.

Not just for Players but also our staff, especially front-line staff.

As a Sport for change organisation, Well-Being sits at the centre of what we do. All of our actions and interventions to date and in the future therefore will focus on 4 critical areas for players, Safety, Security, Connected and Health.

In the past 10 days, our staff have reacted almost daily to the COVID-19 guidelines and worked around this to ensure we are still here to serve our players

Our response and support has been wide and varied so far, including:

  • Delivery of Food and Supplies
  • Electricity Provision
  • Provision of Mobile Phone Data
  • Allocation of Smart Phones where needed
  • Delivery of Pet Food and Supplies
  • Support with players travelling to Hospital
  • Regular texts/calls/video calls to players
  • Creation of Virtual Street Soccer Sessions (Fitness, Advice, Recovery Support, Fun)
  • One to One support
  • Group Football Quizzes
  • Creation of Freephone Hotline (0800)
  • Social Media Chat Groups
  • Partnership Working

As a team, we will continue to develop our offer of support to players, as we look for innovation across what we do to ensure our players are safe, healthy, connected and secure.

At this time, we would like to thank and show our gratitude to our funders, partners and supporters who have been by our side during this crisis, offering reassurance and support where needed.

Big Thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteers, always putting others before self.

And finally, a special mention to the incredible staff and volunteers at the NHS, Frontline Key Workers, Supermarket and Pharmacy staff, and all of our friends working in the third sector whose dedication and bravery in the most difficult of times has been a lifeline for us all.

Be Safe, Be Kind, Stay Home